What we do?

  • Ecce

    The ECCERobot project The Robot Studio is pleased to announce its participation in the ECCERobot Project. The ECCERobot project ultimately aims...
  • Cronos

    Cronos, the humanoid robot This is Cronos, or at least the 3rd generation humanoid torso developed entirely by The Robot...
  • Fish

    It looks like fish, it moves like fish, but it’s a robot The world’s first, fully-autonomous display of free-swimming robot...

Welcome to the Robot Studio

The robot studio is a specialist supplier of biomimetic robot hardware for both research and entertainment.
It is a studio for building robots, rather than a pure laboratory, because the form of the robot is considered to have equal importance to the function of the robot.
This results in robots that look and move like biological systems and in so doing come nearer to achieving the performance of biological systems, be they animal or human.


Component list for Mk1 Open Source Compliant Robot

Description Dimensions Number/Quantity Mechanics Maxon motor DCX 22 12 polymorph plastic 1kg aluminum bar 7.5*12.5*1.0...

How to get the Kinect skeleton tracking working on ROS

Assuming you have Ubuntu 12.04 and ROS Groovy installed, you need to install the openni_tracker...

How to install ROS Groovy on Ubuntu

Everything about ROS is well explained on the wiki, so follow this guide : http://www.ros.org/wiki/groovy/Installation/Ubuntu...