The ECCERobot project

The Robot Studio is pleased to announce its participation in the ECCERobot Project.


TheĀ ECCERobot project ultimately aims to “democratise” robots by greatly simplifying the process of building and controlling a genuinely useful robot.

A robot that not only looks like the human body on the outside but one that works in essentially the same way on the inside, mechanically speaking at least.Ecce2

The human body is made up of stiff bones moved by elastic muscles and tendons – a robot made this way is called a compliant robot

Until now, almost every humanoid robot built in the real world, that is to say not in films, has been based on the robot technology that was developed in the 70’s and 80’s to automate factories.

This seemed entirely sensible as factory technology is economically proven, technically well understood and reliable.


These robots though, are made in exactly the opposite way to a compliant robot – they are designed to be as stiff as possible throughout.

Unfortunately, the domestic environment is nothing at all like a factory and humanoid robots built this way have turned out to be very expensive, difficult to control and not safe enough to let loose in our homes.

By building and controlling compliant robots in completely novel ways the ECCERobot project aims to usher in a new paradigm in robotics.