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World Robots Review 2011

Creating the perfect robot is the dream of scientists the world over. From primitive mechanical toys to the most intelligent electronics, robots come in every shape and size, and in 2011 they got even better.
Our reporter Li Dong has the details…

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EcceRobot – The humanoid at TECHFEST 2011

One of the striking observations about most “humanoid” robots today is how unhuman they actually are- particularly on the inside. They are filled with motors, gears and rigid joints that leads to a unnatural, non-compliant manner of movement where the principles of motion differ greatly from the way the human body works…

Vive les robots!

Inside the Mad Science of 7 Renegade Researchers

Owen Holland’s robot is not cute. With its single, squidlike eye, bone-white thermoplastic skeleton, and coils of exposed mechanical viscera, the thing looks like the top half of a zombie Cylon. Asimo would run from it; a Roomba would hide under the sofa…

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