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Mit der Umwelt agieren

Im EU-Projekt Eccerobot arbeiten Forscher an einem neuartigen Humanoiden Roboter. Die künstlichen Muskeln des heute noch etwas schaurig anmutenden Zeitgenossen werden durch präzise Gleichstromantriebe von maxon motor in Bewegung gesetzt…


ECCEROBOT (Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered Robot) is a three-year project funded by the 7th  framework programme of the EU (ICT-Challenge 2, “Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics”). It has three goals: to build the first truly anthropomimetic  robot; to find out how to control it; and finally, to investigate its human-like  cognitive features…


Robots Are the Next Revolution, So Why Isn’t Anyone Acting Like It?

Back in 2006, when Bill Gates was making his tear-filled transition from the PC industry into a tear-filled career as a philanthropist, he penned an editorial on robotics that became a rallying cry for… no one. Titled “A Robot in Every Home,” Bill Gates highlighted the obvious parallels between the pre-Microsoft PC industry and the pre-anybody personal robotics industry…